Are You Ready for Thong Cleavage?

Are You Ready for Thong Cleavage?

The exposed thong look has been trending for a while now, with little underwear straps peeking out from trousers and skirts at brands like Versace and Alexander Wang. In those instances, the effect was more subtle than in-your-face. However, one designer in Paris opted for the latter, with pants that revealed basically the entire G-string from the front.

This brash form of thong cleavage is the brainchild of Y/Project's Glenn Martens, the same guy who went viral for putting denim panties and thigh-high UGG boots on the runway. He's also known for his signature V-cut waistbands, which reappeared in his Fall 2020 collection on everything from blue jeans to long skirts (layered over dresses and shirts, of course.)

But the V-cut waistband that made the biggest statement was the one paired with the aforementioned G-string, which is actually integrated into the pants. "The ultimate showstopper," the brand calls it. Expect to see a Kardashian or two sport the look as soon as they get their hands on it.

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Photos courtesy of Y/Project