Ice Spice Wants to Act

Ice Spice Wants to Act

Ice Spice wants to make a career of “Actin A Smoochie.” The 24-year-old rapper appeared on Hot97's Ebro in the Morning to talk about her New York upbringing and instant internet success after the release of her EP Like..? and shared that her career goals don’t end with music.

Having already branched out into modeling as featured in Beyonce’s new Ivy Park collection with Adidas, Spice has her eyes set on the big screen. In fact, she wanted to act before she ever even dreamed of becoming a rapper.

“I didn’t ever really like see myself being a rapper” Spice told Ebro, Laura Style and Rosenberg. “I always wanted to be an actress. That was like, my first passion.”

But the “In Ha Mood” rapper says she was too shy, to our collective surprise. Spice was scared off after taking an acting class with teenagers when she was around age ten and never looked back.

But now she’s ready to re-enter the trade — and may already be in talks to do so. When prompted by Ebro, Spice hinted she might have roles in the works, but “not anything official” and promised to “get into that” in due time.

Alongside her marketing team, there’s nothing Spice can’t do. The Bronx rapper has pulled out all the stops for her EP, from a Times Square flashmob of red-headed lookalikes to a Like..? meme generator.

Spice's Ivy Park debut also turned heads upside-down, with visuals dropping a week after the six-track EP.

Ice Spice’s rise to fame may be meteoric, but it's far from going out with a bang. The “Munchkins” already ran the music video for “In Ha Mood” to over a million views one day after its release. If there’s any one thing we want from the sudden star, it’s more screen time.

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