Arca Teases Potential Ice Spice Collaboration

Arca Teases Potential Ice Spice Collaboration

by Peyton Gatewood

The way we manifested this. Last night, Venezuelan experimental musician Arca tweeted out “Ice spice I got u.” Those simple characters declared themselves mighty, immediately sparking high hopes for the collaboration we never knew we needed.

Fans took to Twitter to rejoice, posting various memes under the original tweet like, “That moment when you, a queen, come across another queen and discuss how to best maximize your joint slay.” One fan even edited a video of Ice Spice standing in front of an Arca-esque landscape, captioning it, “THE WAY I MANIFESTED THIS.”

The notion isn’t far-fetched. Ice Spice is still fairly new to the rap scene, eager to cement her place and defy one-hit wonder hearsay. The Bronx native is out and about, most recently attending Spotify’s Best New Artist Party ahead of the Grammys last weekend and promoting her feature on PinkPantheress’ new song “Boy’s a liar Pt.2,” complete with the cutest music video. PinkPatheress’ blend of drum and bass with hyper-pop production can be difficult to rap over, but Ice Spice did not shy away from the challenge. Instead, she tackled it. After nearly a million streams on Spotify, Ice Spice proved she is more than capable of working with other avant-garde musicians, which is great news for Arca.

Arca (who goes by it/its pronouns professionally) has been busy, recently gliding down the runway in Mugler’s Paris Fashion Week return. In December, it dropped it’s Kick compilation, featuring a selection of songs from it’s four-album KICK series, which all dropped in 2021. After such a busy few years, an Ice Spice collaboration could be exactly what Arca needs to kick off its new era of music.

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