Hunter Schafer Says Writing Her 'Euphoria' Episode Was a 'Lifeline'

Hunter Schafer Says Writing Her 'Euphoria' Episode Was a 'Lifeline'

Hunter Schafer is opening up about her experience writing an episode of Euphoriaand how it was a healing experience for her.

In a new interview with i-D, the actress explained how creating an episode about Jules speaking to a therapist about relationships, mental health and growing up trans got her through the "worst depression" she's ever had — a difficult occurrence that also unfortunately coincided with quarantine.

"I was in a very fucking raw place, you know, it was the summer of 2020. Probably coming out of the worst depression I've ever had, and needing somewhere to put all of that energy," Schafer said, before adding that the "episode really became a lifeline."

Schafer then went on to say that working alongside Euphoria creator Sam Levinson as a co-writer and producer of the special bridge episode gave them "room to go deeper into her mind and her subconscious and her headspace," allowing her explore her own psyche and personal growth. And it makes sense given that the lauded Levinson's ability to listen in a previous interview with Paper, describing the on-set dynamic as "collaborative in terms of our storylines and our backstories," which made the entire experience an extremely safe and synergistic one.

"Like, real, spiritual, philosophical [stuff]," she said, adding that the point was to explore the complexities and nuances of being a "17-year-old trans girl, still figuring out who she is, and debating queerness within her head" through dialogue showcasing Jules's exploration of who she is.

Schafer added, "This was a really good opportunity to put some shit on TV that has not been on TV as far as like, what's actually going on in young trans people's heads beyond 'Oh, I'm scared what people are gonna think because I'm trans.'"

You can read Schafer's entire interview via i-D and our interview with her here.

Photo via Getty / George Pimentel