Holland Drops New Single, 'Loved You Better'

Holland Drops New Single, 'Loved You Better'

Holland, AKA the future of K-Pop and the first openly gay K-Pop star, just released his third single on Wednesday, "Love You Better."

The track, which was released along with two alternative versions, is quite a deep song for the singer and it's inspired by his traumatic coming out experience. In the song, as well as the new music video, he talks about topics very rarely spoken about in his genre such as depression, self-harm, and bullying.

"I really tried to include the past but also the present of who I am: the regrets I had for not loving myself and the present Holland loving myself," he told Billboard. "The lyrics just poured out of me. The opening lyrics are a message I wanted to tell the bullies who gave me a hard time and still don't like me to this day, but the middle section — about flipping your hair, going your own way, treating yourself like a queen — that's the message I want to tell my fans."

In a tweet, Holland wrote, "I hope this song and music video will comfort those who are under similar circumstances. As an ultimate supporter of eradication of school bullying and domestic violence, I hope to improve social awareness on sexual diversity and mental illness, including depression."

The music video is edgy, yet shows Holland at his most raw and vulnerable. Watch and listen to the entire masterpiece that is "Loved You Better," below.

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