Harry Styles Has the Internet Freaking Out

Harry Styles Has the Internet Freaking Out

lIt’s been a while since Harry Styles has posted anything on social media. Since May, he’s only ever retweeted Gucci and Rolling Stone. But he’s finally broken his silence, and it’s sent the Internet off into a frenzy.

The tweet was a very brief two letters: “Do.” No periods, no emojis. But it seems the single word has had a huge social media impact, having racked up over 404,000 likes, over 93,200 retweets, and 66,800 replies within eight hours.

While many are just glad to finally hear from the iconic “Sign of the Times” singer after such a long period of silence, a number of fans are also speculating that this tweet signals the second coming of Harry Styles. Some are saying that “Do” might just be the title of a new single. Could the artist be pulling an Ariana Grande and teasing fans through vague tweets?

See some of our favorite tweets below.

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