Harry Styles's Quarantine Mustache Sparks Internet Debate

Harry Styles's Quarantine Mustache Sparks Internet Debate

Whether it be a stick-and-poke tattoo or a DIY bang trim, quarantine has got everyone experimenting with their looks. And while opting to grow facial hair has been a pretty popular option, when you're Harry Styles, no serious aesthetic decision comes without some level of scrutiny.

Over the weekend, fan photos of the star in Italy surfaced online. That said, the polarizing presence of his distinctly '70s-style mustache has since sparked a fierce internet debate, with some fans even going so far as imploring him to "get rid of it please for the greater good of humanity."

Granted, the mustache hate wasn't an uncommon sentiment with many tweets surfacing about starting a "petition for harry styles to shave his mustache." Meanwhile, others opted to make "daddy issues" jokes or lovingly comparing him to other well-known mustachioed men, including Mario and Joe Exotic.

For the most part though, it seems as if fans have been pretty supportive, writing things like, "Can u believe harry styles just invented the mustache" and defending by imploring others to keep the negativity to themselves.

Either way, we hope he's enjoying his new facial hair. In the meantime though, see what else the internet is saying about the look, below.

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