People Are Getting Botox to Treat 'Hamptons Bladder'
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People Are Getting Botox to Treat 'Hamptons Bladder'

by Bailey Richards

Botox injections have a lot of cosmetic and practical uses. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Check. Help with migraines? Check. Make you pee less? Check, apparently. If you’ve been having a hard time holding it, urine luck.

Celebrity urologist — what a title — Dr. David Shusterman has been doing two medical procedures, one that reduces the size of the prostate and "bladder Botox," both of which reduce the number of bathroom breaks his patients take. His biggest clients? Rich people who have a hard time holding it on their way to their summer homes in the Hamptons.

"Hamptons bladder" has been coined to describe the condition of having an overflowing bladder while traveling to the Hamptons from New York, a commute where traffic is aplenty and places to stop and pee are not.

Though the procedures could be useful to a wide variety of folks — music festival-goers, people who break the seal after one drink, etc. — sufferers of "Hamptons bladder" have been the doctor's primary clients so far. In other words, he likes his bladders smaller and wallets big.

Shusterman even advertises the procedures with the slogan, "Race to the Hamptons, not to the bathroom." He recently told Insider that he’s been doing about 10 prostate-shrinking and one to two “bladder Botox” procedures a week since spring.

You may be asking yourself, “What could possibly drive someone to this extreme?” Well, according to the urologist to the stars, friendships frequently end over pee stop squabbles — including his own. He told Insider that he’s actually lost three pals by refusing to stop to let them relieve themselves.

Sure, friends are priceless, but if your friendship can be torn apart by urine, is it really worth the $20,000 price tag?

God truly gives his toughest battles to his soldiers with the smallest bladders.

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