Foot Botox Surges as High Heel Popularity Increases

Foot Botox Surges as High Heel Popularity Increases

Trends everywhere are pointing toward a return of the high heel. From platforms to wedges to clogs, everyone loves a few extra inches. As the old saying goes, beauty is pain. What if there was a way to take that pain out of the equation?

According to a new report by Fashionista, more consumers are seeking foot Botox as a way to alleviate discomfort. Neuromodulators, such as Botox, have been used for non-cosmetic reasons for decades. It was initially used to treat various eye conditions and has since gone on to be used for everything from pelvic floor therapy to, you guessed it, feet.

"Strange as it may sound, two years of Covid have left many of us in even more agony from the sharp return of towering heels," says board-certified Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban to Fashionista. "Weight is distributed more evenly in flat shoes, [whereas] all of the pressure is thrust to the front of the foot in a heel."

For heel lovers curious about what the procedure entails, fillers can be injected into the balls of the feet to protect the nerves and bones from the stress that heels inflict. If you're curious about other uses, Botox can be used to create an arch if you have flat feet, another condition known to make it more difficult to wear certain kinds of shoes. If you're prone to corns and calluses, which cause hardened patches of skin in areas prone to friction and stress, Botox can come to the rescue for that as well.

So why are high heels coming back? Trends have been pointing towards towering footwear for some time in a variety of styles. It could also be due to workplaces opening back up, and people are hanging up their bunny slippers in favor of something a bit more elevated.

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