Anitta Admits She Peed on Some Man's Arm

Anitta Admits She Peed on Some Man's Arm

Of all the things to brag about on a morning talk show, admitting to urinating on a random man you met over TikTok's arm is one of the more bizarre anecdotes to share.

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Brazilian popstar, Anitta, addressed a recent TikTok where she played two truths and a lie. In the post, Anitta rattles off three statements, "I changed the definition of 'boss woman' in the Brazilian dictionary," which she did in fact get the definition of the Portuguese word "patroa" from "the wife of the boss" to "boss woman," "Kanye West is on my new album" which a quick glance through the tracklist of her latest album Versions of Me will tell you is patently false, leaving the last statement "I peed on a stranger's arm" no choice but to be true.

Naturally, Clarkson asks Anitta to elaborate what set of circumstances led to her urinating on a person's arm. "There was this guy I found on TikTok one day in the city I was going to perform, and he was hot, so I sent him a message being like, 'Come over to my concert!'" the singer explained. The man ended up taking the global superstar up on her offer showing up with some friends, but they apparently got drunk and one of his buddies asked to pull over afterwards.

"I stopped the van, he was peeing in a tree, and an animal touched him," Anitta recounted. "I don't know what happened. An animal did something." According to her, this resulted in some "big bruise, this big burn thing" on his arm which caused the inebriated man to start panicking. "He was so drunk, crying, like, 'I'm gonna lose my arm.' And then he said he heard if someone pees on it, it kind of makes it better, it stops burning."

The man was probably drunkenly conflating a bug sting with an old urban legend that you can alleviate the pain of a jellyfish sting by peeing on it but this has been patently debunked by scientists, per a report from Healthline. Even Anitta had to admit, "I don't know the connection but he was literally saying he needed someone to pee on him."

In the heat of the moment, she explained that "I was getting so stressed and I said, 'Yo, if you don't shut the f— up... I'm gonna actually pee on your arm,' and he [gasped and] said, 'Celebrity pee is gonna be even better!' Weirder still, they all moved from that location to an airport where Anitta and the man went to bathroom to do the deed. "My security was making sure he was not looking at me, and I was peeing," she said. "And he was like, 'Target the burn! Target the injury!' And I was trying to target the injury. It was crazy."

Miraculously enough, the man swore up and down that it worked, "He said it was only because it was my pee." Well, hey if it works, it works.

Photo via Getty/ Rodin Eckenroth/ WireImage