Hailey Baldwin 'Claimed' Halloween For Christians

Hailey Baldwin 'Claimed' Halloween For Christians

Hailey Baldwin is defending her love of Halloween by "claiming" it for Christians.

Baldwin — who along with husband Justin Bieber is a prominent member of Carl Lentz's celebrity-filled Hillsong mega-church — was in the midst of an Instagram Q&A when a fan asked, "Halloween yes or no."

Relatively simple question, right? Well, turns out it was a little more complicated for her than you'd think.

In the since-deleted story, Baldwin began by asking, "I'm a Christian. Do you have any idea what that means historically?" before launching into an explanation about how she "redefines" many different cultural celebrations with pagan origins.

"Pagan Feast of Winter Solstice? Oh that's now JESUS BIRTHDAY. Pagan Feast of Spring Planting? Oh that's now EASTER WEEKEND. Pagan Celtic Festival involving dressing up and warding off evil spirits? Oh now it's ALL SAINTS DAY and we celebrate the VICTORIOUS CHURCH THAT HAS BEEN OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB!!! CANDY PLEASE!!!" she wrote, before adding that she's "not afraid of the world" or any of the demons occupying it.

"I'm not afraid of any devil or demon or incantation. They are terrified of me," Baldwin continued. "Halloween is now MY HOLIDAY and I am claiming all candy for the glory of God and the celebration of the Saints. What now? I'll dress up however I like! My favorite characters, pop culture stuff, whatever. It's my party and you're invited. I'm alive today and a Saint tomorrow. Give me candy."

That said, it appears as if the unexpected response may stem from previous criticism of Baldwin's love of a holiday that some hardcore Christians believe is a "demonic, worldly, evil holiday" that "glorifies" the Devil.

Per StyleCaster, Baldwin faced some backlash last week from critics who labeled her a "FAKE CHRISTIAN" after she asked if fans had costume ideas. In response, Baldwin said that while she is a Christian, she still dresses up for Halloween.

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