Greg From 'White Lotus' Makes Runway Cameo at Eckhaus Latta's NYFW Show

Greg From 'White Lotus' Makes Runway Cameo at Eckhaus Latta's NYFW Show

Another Fashion Week another viral White Lotus moment, only this time it happened on the runway instead of on the front row.

After a bunch of the HBO series cast like Adam DiMarco, Theo James and Sabrina Impacciatore hit up shows all over Milan and Paris, New York's cameo on Saturday night was by Jon Gries, the actor who plays Greg aka Tanya's scheming husband.

Gries glided and turned all around the runway in a soft green knit top and linen trousers as everyone in the audience snapped videos of the actor-turned-Eckhaus Latta model.

His choice of casting is not new for Eckhaus Latta, a brand that has long included models of various body types, ages, sizes, colors and gender expressions on the runway. There's even been a pregnant model one time.

"For us, it’s always been important," Zoe Latta once said in a 2018 interview of their diverse casting. "We’re happy to see the industry change, or upset to see it not change. It just seems like a necessity. The point of casting is to represent a group of people that you’d want to see in your clothes. And it’s crazy to us that you’d only see one kind of person."

For Fall 2023, Eckhaus Latta played with sheer organza tops in amber, cord-snap trousers, coated ultra-wide legged jeans and lots of black shearling. The show notes included a poem by New Yorker writer Rachel Aviv about clothes, distress and finding God.

See more looks from the Eckhaus Latta Fall 2023 show in the gallery, below.

Photos courtesy of Eckhaus Latta/ Madison Voelkel