Frankie Grande Thinks His Throuple 'Prepared' Him For Marriage
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Frankie Grande Thinks His Throuple 'Prepared' Him For Marriage

Frankie Grande had a slightly unconventional journey to the altar.

On Monday, Page Six spoke to the 39-year-old performer during the opening night of Into the Woods on Broadway, which led to a conversation about his marriage to actor Hale Leon. However, it turns out that he was only ready to meet his soulmate because of one past relationship, specifically his throuple with married couple Daniel Sinasohn and Mike Pophis.

“It prepared me for being like, ‘You know what? Actually, maybe, I’m just a one-man man,’” as the star explained, saying that he was "very grateful for that past relationship" and how it changed his view on romantic partnerships.

Grande added, "I think it prepared me for this one, the ultimate one where I got my ring.”

For a little context, Grande got involved with Sinasohn and Pophis back in 2018. And while the throuple only lasted four months, he told the outlet that "everything happens for a reason" before embracing the fact that he is now "an old married man in a monogamous relationship."

After all, Grande went on to say that he's "very happy" after realizing that he's someone who likes being in a more traditional arrangement.

“I think I’ve always been wired for that,” he said. “I think that it’s really suited to me and I’m very happy.”

The couple initially met at a line dancing bar in LA, which the older brother of pop superstar Ariana Grande previously described as "love at first dance." Grande later proposed to Leon — who is a big fan of virtual reality technology — in June 2021 during a surprise outing to the location of one of their first dates: LA's Dreamscape VR experience. The two were then eventually married in a Star Wars-themed ceremony that was held on May 4, 2022.

You can read Page Six's entire report here.

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