FLETCHER Is Touring Women-Owned Queer Bars Across the US

FLETCHER Is Touring Women-Owned Queer Bars Across the US

Pride month is now in full effect and queer singer-songwriter FLETCHER wants to invite her fans out for a drink.

Taking inspiration from The Lesbian Bar Project, FLETCHER and Lyft have partnered up for a mini-tour of shows and meet and greets at some of the country's few remaining women-owned queer bars for her first ever "Meet Her At The Bar" Pride month experience. Having already played at the Stonewall Inn for their annual Pride kickoff event, FLETCHER is taking her show to bars in Houston, Washington DC and San Diego, culminating in a performance at the iconic Henrietta Hudson in NYC during the parade weekend.

“Being on tour again for the last few months and seeing so many Queer people at my shows, dancing, laughing, crying and freely being themselves, has reminded me of the importance of safe spaces,” FLETCHER sys. “I recently became aware of the incredible work the Lesbian Bar Project has been doing for the past few years in order to help protect these spaces which for decades have served as sanctuaries and safe havens for the Queer community."

She continues, "Their research has shown that in 1980 there were approximately 200 lesbian bars in operation and today there are less than 25. This has inspired me to make a few trips of my own across the country to help uplift and support women-owned Queer spaces in any way I can to ultimately create more of a conversation around the importance of keeping these spaces open for us all, now more than ever.”

In addition to directly supporting the lesbian bars, FLETCHER will also be raising funds for GLAAD’s Rapid Response Initiative and Communities of Color Program. Lyft and Capitol Records will also be matching up to $10,000 in donations each. Fans attending the Meet Her At The Bar shows will not only have the chance to connect with the artist and support these queer safe havens through merch, bar sales and onsite activations, but they can also enjoy the ride to and from the shows with Lyft's new "FLETCHER mode," which they can unlock with the code FORFLETCHER in the app.

Check out the full list of Meet Her At The Bar dates, below, and head here for ticket info.

June 12 - Pearl Bar - Houston, TX

June 17 - As You Are – Washington, D.C.

June 21 - Gossip Grill - San Diego, CA

June 24 - Henrietta Hudson - New York, NY

Photography: Kristen Jan Wong