'FBoy Island': A Dating Show Pitting D-Bags Against 'Nice Guys'

'FBoy Island': A Dating Show Pitting D-Bags Against 'Nice Guys'

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, HBO Max is giving us a new dating show with a triggering yet thoroughly entertaining premise.

On Monday, the streaming service unveiled the trailer for a forthcoming series dubbed FBoy Island, in which 24 men vie for the attention of 3 women on a tropical island (classic). However, the twist is that half of the men are, ugh, quote-unquote "Nice Guys" looking for their soulmate, while the other half are just there to win a cash prize — and it's up to the ladies to suss out who's there for love and who's there for money.

But how exactly is FBoy Island going to accomplish this? Well, seeing as how the creator is The Bachelor's Elan Gale, you can expect lots of challenges and steamy beachside dates to help the ladies separate the so-called genuine guys from the ones who will "ruin" their lives. So along with comedic commentary courtesy of host Nikki Glaser, expect 10 episodes of bikinis, betrayals and the boys your mama always warned you about. Talk about juicy.

FBoy Island premieres on July 29 via HBO Max. Until then though, check out the trailer, below.

Photo courtesy of HBO