RIP Entireworld, the Uniform That Got Us Through Lockdowns

RIP Entireworld, the Uniform That Got Us Through Lockdowns

by Kanika Talwar

Entireworld, the direct-to-consumer label that became the official uniform of the pandemic, is shuttering its operations. The brand became known for its "sweatpants forever" ethos during the global lockdowns and gained a cult following for its colorful sweat sets and basics.

Designer Scott Sternberg, who also founded (and closed) the hipster label Band of Outsiders, shared a lengthy Instagram post on the brand's account about why the company is now in the retail graveyard. "I fell into fashion when it hit me what a unique opportunity it presented—build an intricate world through a super personal brand vision, meticulously design all of the products that make up that world, and if I'm doing it right, people will literally live in it every day," he reflected on the brand's creation.

After years of unsuccessful fundraising, the company was close to having an acquisition deal in the past few weeks. "But that deal disappeared in a flash, leaving us and our factories high and dry and giving us no choice but to shut things to down," Sternberg goes on to explain.

Let's take a moment to grieve this grave loss. Then pull yourself together and make sure to stock up on your favorite WFH clothing because Entireworld is having a liquidation sale for the next couple of weeks. RIP Entireworld: 2018-2021

Photo via Instagram/ @entireworld