Dunkaroos Are Coming Back, Get Behind Me in Line

Dunkaroos Are Coming Back, Get Behind Me in Line

Sound the alarms and start setting up camp outside your local grocery store — Dunkaroos, the well-known '90s kid snack pack, are officially returning to store shelves this summer.

Earlier today, a new verified Twitter account popped up for Dunkaroos, with their first tweet announcing the comeback of the sought-after treat. Lunch boxes everywhere have been just a little different ever since the packs were discontinued in 2012. Goldfish and Oreos just aren't as satisfying when compared to the easy glide of Dunkaroo cookies in icing.

The Dunkaroo Twitter account is already taking quite a personalized approach to marketing the impending product, replying to former fans who are collectively freaking out over the re-release. The brand is even replying to various celebrities that have begged for the return of Dunkaroos in the past, including Kim Kardashian West and Tyler, The Creator. As if that didn't elicit enough of a response from the internet, Dunkaroos is capitalizing on the nostalgia factor and making fans crave the days of Bop Its and Tamagotchis.

There's no news quite yet on which of the original flavors will be available for purchase, but if the rainbow sprinkle icing doesn't make the cut there could be a social media uprising. Mark my words, Dunkaroos!

Image via Twitter