Drake Apparently Lost a $1 Million World Cup Bet to the 'Drake Curse'

Drake Apparently Lost a $1 Million World Cup Bet to the 'Drake Curse'

Drake just took another huge L.

In the sports betting world, it's well known that the Canadian rapper has a pretty bad losing streak, leading many fans to blame the "Drake Curse" whenever their teams or athletes come up short. And in the wake of the 2022 World Cup, the superstition has been dredged up once again, with Drake also reportedly losing $1 million dollars — despite betting on the winning team.

Ahead of the final game between Argentina and France on Sunday, December 18, fans of the former worried that the Drake Curse would rear its ugly head after the Honestly, Nevermind artist posted a picture of his seven-figure bet to Instagram. However, Argentina fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief after the South American country ended up ultimately winning the nail-biter of a match at the very last minute thanks to none other than soccer superstar Leo Messi and a set of insane penalty kicks during overtime.

Even so, Drake himself was likely less than pleased, given that his betslip showed that he had made a "1x2" market bet on Argentina, meaning the team had to win within regulation time — or the first 90 minutes — in order for him to receive his money. But since France's Kylian Mbappé ended up tying the score with less than two minutes to spare, Drake lost his double money win, which would've clocked in around $2.75 million. Ooof.

Granted, this year's World Cup already saw chatter surrounding the Drake Curse pop up in an earlier round. After the rapper appeared to end his own misfortune when the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals in 2019, Canada's performance at this year's World Cup proved it was back in full force after the team was eliminated following a pretty unfortunate loss to Belgium a few weeks ago. Let's hope that Jack Harlow didn't follow suit this time around though.

Photo via Getty / Ross Gilmore