Drake Ditches Lollapalooza Brazil, Parties In Miami Instead

Drake Ditches Lollapalooza Brazil, Parties In Miami Instead

Oh, to have so much fun partying in Miami that you miss an important gig (or be so rich that missing such a huge gig doesn't financially hurt you).

Drake, arguably one of the biggest artists in the world, has created some controversy after eager fans got the news that the rapper was canceling his headlining appearance at Lollapalooza Brazil hours before he was set to take the stage.

In a statement shared to Lollapalooza's social media, they explained: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, Drake is without members of his sound and production team, essential to the realization of the Lollapalooza show in Sao Paulo. Drake was excited to perform for his fans in Brazil. Unfortunately, this is beyond his control. Sorry."

However, some fans aren't believing that for a second, citing reports that Drake was partying in Miami with 50 Cent the night prior for the New York rapper's birthday at Booby Trap on the River.

According to Hypebeast, an unverified claim said, "The flight that left Bogotá to take Drake to São Paulo was suddenly diverted to Miami. Logistical problems were alleged to be able to perform in Brazil and now this video of him partying with 50 Cent is coming out."

Some people think that the "Spin Bout U" rapper doesn't have a great relationship with Brazil. YouTuber Felipe Castanhari reminded people of his last visit to Brazil, alleging that he didn't acknowledge fans at the airport, refused to eat local food and drink the water and destroyed a hotel.

Seems like fans wouldn't have been too happy if he did perform. He has performed at the festival's Argentina and Chile dates but did sets that were less than an hour long, much shorter than the average headlining set. Overseas fans interested in seeing the Canadian rapper might have to wait a bit longer since his upcoming tour with 21 Savage is only hitting North America as of now.

Luckily, fans got a taste of Skrillex as a last-minute replacement. Not a bad trade if I do say so myself.

Photo courtesy of Angela Pham/BFA