Doja Cat Kills Her Ex in 'Kill Bill' Remix

Doja Cat Kills Her Ex in 'Kill Bill' Remix

BYJoan SummersApr 14, 2023

SZA's "Kill Bill" was the song of the fall, and then the song of the winter. It was also the official song of TikTok, and then Instagram Reels, and now it's back to maybe even be the song of spring.

Doja Cat and SZA's hyped remix of the track just dropped today, and it's as good as fans expected.

Doja opens the track with "I'm in a funk, so I bought a bouquet of roses/ And cut 'em up at your doorstep, your new neighborhood is gorgeous." Because it's a song about killing exes though, things soon turn. "It happened in a flash when she charged at me/ Y'all criss-crossed, saw her fall to the floor/ Then you paused there in horror, but that shot wasn't for her."

True to the artistic shift she's been undergoing, Doja's flow is more melancholic on the remix, lilting from one line to the next. It's an exciting evolution to witness for the already unrivaled talent, who said on Twitter earlier this month that "pop isn't exciting to me anymore, I don't want to make it." If the remix is anything to go by, it seems she's going to stick to her word and focus more on rap for her next project cycle.

She added, "i also agree with everyone who said the majority of my rap verses are mid and corny. I know they are. I wasnt trying to prove anything I just enjoy making music but I'm getting tired of hearing yall say that i can't so I will." When a fan responded that she already deserved to "talk your shit in the rap sphere," Doja responded, "I do that on the album.

On the topic of her upcoming album, Doja spent most of the week tweeting about it. Let's hope it comes sooner rather than later!

Below, listen to Doja Cat's "Kill Bill" remix.

Photo via Kevin Mazur/Getty