Taco Bell, Doja Cat and Hole — What Could Be Better?

Taco Bell, Doja Cat and Hole — What Could Be Better?

The Super Bowl is famous for its wild commercial slots, but this year — the occasion is delivering us the collab of our dreams.

Taco Bell — purveyor of taste in more ways than one — tapped Doja Cat for its latest campaign, electing the Planet Her singer to record a cover of the iconic Hole song "Celebrity Skin."

The one-minute slot sees Doja in full clown regalia, suffering her way through a portioned cafeteria lunch tray with some of her clown classmates. Clearly uninspired by the offering, by chance, Doja peaks under her cap and finds a magical surprise (Taco Bell's special "Fire!" sauce) that transports her outside the confines of what appears to be clown college.

Grabbing a few close friends, Doja speeds off campus in a convertible car, shedding her makeup and garb, eventually landing at her "happy place," Taco Bell.

All the while, Doja sings her rendition of Hole's “Celebrity Skin," with reworked lyrics (assisted by the one and only Courtney Love). It’s a fresh take on the iconic track, leading all of us to wonder when, and if, the full version will come out. This might just be the campiest collaboration we've ever seen, but it somehow makes perfect sense.

Doja isn’t the only musician confirmed to drop a special Super Bowl track. Megan Thee Stallion recently collaborated with Frito Lay to promote Flamin’ Hot Cheetos — releasing a new song, “Flamin’ Hottie,” that puts a spicy spin on “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

Photo via Getty/ Michael Hickey