'Depop This Look' Collabs With LA Celebs For Style Inspo

'Depop This Look' Collabs With LA Celebs For Style Inspo

by Anyu Ching

Depop is taking over LA — and your closet.

From now through May 5, Gen Z’s favorite resale platform is launching a new community-driven initiative that takes style inspiration from numerous iconic locations in LA.

Depop, a community-powered fashion marketplace with over 26 million registered users in over 150 countries, seeks to build the world’s most diverse and progressive fashion home that is both kinder on the planet and to people.

“Depop This Look” collaborates with 20 LA-based communities and small businesses to bring the world to your wardrobe by inviting users to scan a QR code at popular West Coast sites like Pink’s Hot Dogs, Supervinyl and Night + Market Song to unlock exclusive Depop shops.

These exclusive shops reflect the curated tastes of LA musicians, actors, comedians and social media influencers like Jordan Firstman, Quen Blackwell, Marcel Ruiz, Remi Wolf and more.

Firstman’s curated looks, for example, pull direct inspiration from Pink’s Hot Dogs and the infamous hot dog joint’s retro aesthetics and pink exterior. “To me, fashion is about finding inspiration in unlikely places and making a statement about who you are,” the comedian says. “I’m so excited to partner with Depop to bring the iconic aesthetic of Pink’s Hot Dogs to life and help other fashion-lovers sustainably shop the curation.”

For actor/DJ Ruiz, collaborating with record store Supervinyl means crafting a retro-cool style that embodies Supervinyl’s nostalgic feel, including band tees, leather jackets and vintage denim. “I always naturally love to create by combining different art forms,” Ruiz tells PAPER. “In collaborating with Depop, I’m thrilled to push young fashion-lovers to incorporate their surroundings into their own style and sustainably shop with inspiration from the iconic Supervinyl."

And if colorful hues and bold patterns are what you’re looking for, look no further than one of Los Angeles’ best Thai restaurants where Wolf has you covered. “I’m so excited to partner with Depop to bring Night + Market Song’s eclectic and vibrant style to life,” the singer says. The looks will express the restaurant’s bright, bold and buzzy atmosphere while capturing Wolf’s vibrant personality. “In both my music and my personal style — I am constantly gaining inspiration from the world around me — and now, it’s easy to do the same by shopping Depop’s curated Night + Market song edit,” Wolf adds.

See the full list of participants, locations and launch dates below:

Jordan Firstman x Pink’s Hot Dogs: March 27

Quen Blackwell x Neighbors Skate Shop: March 27

Eunice Chang x Rainbow Bar & Grill: March 27

Louisa Meng x Chinatown: March 31

Mia Carucci x Club Bahia: March 31

Marcel Ruiz x Supervinyl: April 7

Lia Bass x The Line Hotel: April 7

Cassidy King x De La Nonna: April 21

Remi Wolf x Night + Market Song: April 21

Photos courtesy of Depop