Delly Premieres Diamonds Anthem 'Flashy'

Delly Premieres Diamonds Anthem 'Flashy'

Innovative style on and off the microphone must run in A$AP Ferg's family. His younger brother, Delly, has released a new video for "Flashy," and it's every bit as bright as its name portrays. Wearing enough jewelry to start his own store, Delly steals the show with an exciting visual.

"Flashy" is about diamonds, bling-bling, or whatever other name that you want to call what glistens on your skin. In its video, Delly wears diamonds, while laying on diamonds, next to women also wearing diamonds. It's an expensive clip that accompanies the booming song and seems tailor-made to be blasted through speakers at outdoor parties in Brooklyn.

Speaking exclusively to PAPER, Delly details the song's meaning. "'Flashy' is cinematic glory," he says. "It's a depiction of what it's like to be a young, jiggy cat in grind mode while staying fly. Being fly is a mentality and state of mind. It's tangible, but not purchasable. It starts from within and I'm showing you an unlimited currency we all got within."

"Flashy, flashy, flashy," he continues, clearly excited. "All I know is flashy. It's all about shining the light on your own vibe. It starts from an inner standing with your true self. Once you start shining on the inside the rest just follows."

Behind the scenes

"Flashy" is set to appear on Delly's second EP, Fly $ince Birth, that will be out sometime soon in the near future. "With generational roots in Uptown, Delly's take is true to its foundation of elite hood fashion," an accompanying press release reads.

Watch the PAPER premiere of Delly's new "Flashy" video and stream the track, below.

Photos courtesy of Delly