Why Don't We Singer Daniel Seavey Fearful After Fan Breaks In

Why Don't We Singer Daniel Seavey Fearful After Fan Breaks In

by Justine Fisher

Daniel Seavey is moving out of his LA home because he fears for his safety. After a fan forced her way into his place Wednesday night, slept in his bed, and tried on his clothes, the Why Don’t We singer shared his reaction on social media today.

While he feels at ease being away from LA at the moment, Seavey’s next steps include pressing charges and leaving town “immediately.” Still, the singer shared concerns that a restraining order “isn’t enough to protect me, my friends and family” from the 23-year-old, obsessive fan, who entered his residence through an unlocked window.

Caught on surveillance camera holding flowers on his porch, the woman seemed intent on seeing Seavey and ultimately broke in because he wasn’t home, according to a TMZ report. Once inside, she helped herself to Seavey’s closet, picking out a “Free Hoover” hoodie he obtained at Drake and Kanye’s show in December. Wearing the sweatshirt, the woman crashed in his bed and spent the night.

Then Thursday morning, Seavey spotted her looking through his cabinets and listening to Adele’s “Can I Get it” on his kitchen’s surveillance camera. He instantly called the police, who took the woman into custody and placed her on psych hold.

Kicking off her stay at the singer’s place, the fan seemed to have taken a cue from the tattoo on Seavey’s arm that features a person climbing through a window. TMZ reports that she told police the tattoo inspired her to visit Seavey as she believed they were meant to be together.

While TMZ added that criminal charges are yet to be filed, Seavey’s tweet reflects impending legal action from the shaken singer.

Photo via Getty/ Jamie McCarthy