Dorian Electra and Friends Made a New Bop with Fans

Dorian Electra and Friends Made a New Bop with Fans

Dorian Electra is a creative genius on their own, but once in a while they call on others for fun, collaborative projects. Last year, they made a song entitled "2 Fast" with over 200 people during an online, live-streamed song-writing session. And now Electra — along with Dylan Brady, umru, Socialchair, Clarence Clarity, Mood Killer, Count Baldor, Lance Williams, and Weston Allen — has released another addictive track created with fans.

On January 18th, thanks to the Las Vegas song-writing camp sponsor Red Bull Music and the Church of Electra, the song "Thirsty (For Love)" was conceived. Fans helped the group decide everything from the lyrics, to the track's BPM (beats per minute) and key. The song wound up being about a rodeo clown and disco vampire falling in love.

The entire live session lasted for almost two hours, and everyone who participated on either YouTube or Instagram was able to witness Dorian and their friends recording the song, sampling the sound of a can of Red Bull being opened for the bop, editing it all together, and coming up with the final product. Watch the six-minute recap, below.

"Your minds.... are extremely powerful," Electra wrote in an Instagram post. "Shoutout to @moodkillerdotnet @dylanbrady @countbaldor @social.chair @umru @clarenceclarity @westonallen64 @lancewilliams for producing/piecing together your lyrics/laying down harmonies, melodies, etc. Truly an iconic and twisted meeting of the minds....
Can't WAIT to do this AGAIN... at my next writing camp.. which is happening soon."

"Thirsty (For Love)" is now available to download for free on SoundCloud, and you can stream the lyric video, below.

Photo via Instagram