Imagine Losing These Louis Vuitton Airpods

Imagine Losing These Louis Vuitton Airpods

Airpods: 2019's new defacto status symbol. Dangling like oversized earrings out of the ears of hedgefund managers and hypebeasts alike, Apple has once again managed to revive the bluetooth headset look of the mid-2000s for a new era of clout fiends. But if you finding yourself wanting to flex just a little bit harder, fear not, because Louis Vuitton has now rolled out their own take on the must-have accessory.

Partnering with New York-based audio specialists, Master & Dynamic, the Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones combine impeccable audio quality with the fashion house's timeless craftsmanship. Available in three different colorways (black, red, and yellow and blue stripes), the price tag for the luxury airpods isn't exactly for the faint of heart but is guaranteed to make you your most stylish while taking that conference call. Retailing at $995, we can't help but wonder what it might be like to lose a nearly $500 airpod.

Picture it, you are blasting Cardi B as you go for your morning jog on the beach in the Hamptons. You are just starting to get into the zone and feel that runner's high when you realize you can hear the waves crashing on the shore a little more clearly than before. Your already rapidly beating heart drops into your stomach as you shakily raise your hand to your naked ear. Panic. You drop down and dig desperately through the sand beneath your feet but to little avail. "Why didn't I get the insurance plan?" you mutter through gritted teeth as the realization that your search is futile dawns on you. Your body goes limp in defeat, all hope is lost until a faint glint a few feet down the coast catches your eye. You run to it, a tiny black square poking out of the white sand, your heart swelling with hope. You fall to your knees and dust off what you assume is your missing airpod, raising it to your right ear only to discover to your horror that it is a left airpod. You look back down and realize that the beach isn't in fact filled with sand but left airpods as far as the eye can see! You jolt awake in a cold sweat, your hand instinctively reaches out to the nightstand to make sure your Louis Vuitton Horizon wireless earphones are charging in their sleekly designed case. They are. You breath a sigh of relief and settle back into your bed, relieved that you will be free to flex another day.

Or, it'll all be fine. Louis Vuitton's Horizon wireless earphones are now available to buy online. Take a look at all three colorways and charging case below:

Photos via Louis Vuitton