Collina Strada Takes an Acid Trip to the Zoo

Collina Strada Takes an Acid Trip to the Zoo

Rhinos! Ducks! Pigs! The Collina Strada show was a full-blown zoo Friday at the brand's Fall 2023 show, with models prancing and hopping out in beaks, duck bills, bunny ears and tails against a soundtrack of dog barks and lion roars.

Some of the models playfully lunged at guests in the front row while others crawled on all fours pretending to pee on people. Why the animal mania? Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada's creative director, wanted to celebrate our "inner show pony, who is playful and likes to ruffle feathers," and our "inner workhorse, who is reliable, durable, and strangely practical."

Titled “Please Don’t Eat My Friends,” the show is about how "we're all in this together" and how everyone is connected by microscopic little filaments under our feet. (Taymour played with animal motifs before, most notably though her Animorphs video during the pandemic.)

The prosthetics were created by Isamaya Ffrench, the makeup artist known for her worth with Bjork and Rihanna and whom was just named Beauty Curator at Off-White. Among the hyper-real beauty looks she created were duck lizard masks, dog snouts and other reptilian creatures.

The looks, including satin shoulder horns and organza bunny tails, were all made from were made from sustainable and recycled materials, as usual. And the shoes, made in collaboration with Vans, are available for sale now.

Photography: Charlie Engman