Cole Sprouse Roasted For Chainsmoking on 'Call Her Daddy'

Cole Sprouse Roasted For Chainsmoking on 'Call Her Daddy'

Cole Sprouse has become the (literal) butt of the joke.

Earlier this week, the former Disney star appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast to talk with host Alex Cooper about everything from struggling with child stardom to his past relationships, including the way he lost his virginity. However, none of this really interested the internet, despite Sprouse also dishing on his split with ex-girlfriend and Riverdaleco-star, Lili Reinhart. Instead, it was his cringeworthy decision to chain smoke through the entire interview that actually caught people's attention and, naturally, this resulted in plenty of online roasts.

A prime example of life imitating art, Sprouse went full Jughead by bringing the wannabe bad boy energy of his comic-inspired character to the podcast studio, which can only be deemed an extremely embarrassing attempt at trying to look like a tortured and "introspective artisté."

As such, it wasn't surprising to see a number of tweets clowning Sprouse's self-serious smoke sesh, with the general consensus being something along the lines of "making smoking look this uncool is almost impressive."

"Honestly he needs to be in some anti smoking ads cause he makes it look sooo uncool I’d quit," as another commenter joked, before a third called him out for "sitting indoors smoking a cigarette on call her daddy as if he’s mark twain and not the worst actor on a bad teen drama."

Meanwhile, others said it projected the awkwardness of "an actor who doesn’t smoke playing a character who does smoke," while some posted photos of people he "thought he looked like," including Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders and Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu. And even more scathing? The tweets that featuring characters like Chandler from Friends and pic taken from Sex and the City, where a somber-looking Carrie Bradshaw is taking a drag while thinking "can you ever escape your past?" Oof.

Sprouse has yet to comment on the internet's reaction. However, we'd still advise him to just leave the brooding to Ben Affleck next time.

Photo via Getty / Frazer Harrison