Club Eat Is Hitting the 'START' Button

Club Eat Is Hitting the 'START' Button

If you have your finger on the pulse of New York City nightlife, you're probably already familiar with Club Eat. Born from a series of parties producer Chicken and DJ and vocalist Ren G used to throw across the city that they later adopted as their artist name, the duo has quickly been garnering a cult following among the city's denizens of the night, capturing the essence of the scene's DIY glam in their own high-energy productions.

Having previously kicked off the year with single "Bubblegum," today Club Eat has returned to announce their debut album, START, which is set to drop April 28. Described as being a narrative pop album rather than an open-ended experimental club thing, the upcoming project looks to channel the energy of their much hyped up live shows and invites listeners to let their freak flag fly.

“Our sound began very rooted in drum heavy functional club music and slowly evolved into more vocal driven format where we bring in elements from all different genres," producer Chicken explains. "The writing has become more narrative and personal as well, making for an overall more traditional pop album.”

Ren G goes on to add that the album is really about freedom of expression and individuality: "Embrace your dark side, who cares. Find beauty and inspiration in everyday things.” She also hopes that listeners take "a sense of inspiration, fun, fearlessness, confidence, and joy” from the record.

In addition to the album announcement, the news comes with yet another offering off the forthcoming project in the form of new single "Surprise." A fun and flirty little electro-pop bop that Ren describes as being "about embracing your inner freak," the track sports a roaring bassline with a minimal drum machine beat reminiscent of Daft Punk's more techno-leaning cuts during their Human After All era. Accompanied by a visual that sees the duo in action recording the track in their home studio and then just dancing things out, "Surprise" doesn't waste time overthinking things and just indulges its own sexy fun. If you ever need a primer on what Club Eat is all about, "Surprise" is a good place to start.

Check out the music video for "Surprise" below and preorder their new album STARThere.

Photos courtesy of Club Eat