Club Eat Premieres New Track at Lucky Jewel's First Runway Show

Club Eat Premieres New Track at Lucky Jewel's First Runway Show

by Alexandra Hildreth

On Thursday during NYFW, New York-based duo Club Eat (who modeled in our Madonna cover shoot) debuted a brand new track, called “Clothing,” at the Lucky Jewel Spring 2023 runway show. Both the artists and designers felt a shared bond between their work; when the collective reached out to Club Eat’s Ren G, she was immediately interested in getting involved and surprised them with the unreleased material, due out in fall. This all set the tone for Lucky Jewel’s sixth event installment and formal runway debut.

Lucky Jewel, which is co-designed by Shay Gallagher, Olive Woodward and Lola Dement Myers, originally began as a series of clothing-swaps between like-minded members of the art and fashion industries. Previous iterations have also included shoppable collections built within installations. Originally based in Chicago, the rising collective has mainly focused on presenting upcycled and sustainable fashion designs in non-traditional settings, such as clubs, galleries and apartments.

Ren G

Photography: Matthew Weinberger

The design trio is inspired by the spaces they utilize. “We wanted to translate these ephemeral spaces into a collection of wearable garments,” they tell PAPER. “We chose the Ukrainian National Home [for this season] because Shay had her 13th birthday party there, so we wanted something familiar and close to home.” By bringing people together in these communal spaces, the designers say they hope to create “shared, sentimental experience and world-building activity — as well as an opportunity for connection and exchange among artists.”

All 24 looks from this collection were made entirely from recycled and found materials, sourced from the streets of New York to used clothing on eBay and even the local hardware store. Lucky Jewel explains that when they find these things, they’re selective about their use. “A lot of our materials were things we had been holding onto until we could find a purpose for,” they say. “The rocks were found in Gallagher's backyard; her dad had placed them there years ago.”

Behind the Scenes

Photography: Matthew Weinberger

The collection itself, designed by Gallagher and Woodward, brought a downtown, relaxed feel to their own version of the it-girl wardrobe. The g-strings, low-rise pants and bikini tops, some of which were constructed using repurposed suiting, poked fun at a traditional corporate wardrobe made from the same textiles. A highlight off the runway, and all three designers’ favorite, was a pair of pants made entirely from masking tape as another way to play with office culture. "This collection draws on our past events, informed by the collectively built spaces and energies they held," Lucky Jewel says.

Check out Lucky Jewel's Spring 2023 lookbook, below, photographed by Benjamin Taylor.

Spring 2023 Lookbook

Photography: Benjamin Taylor

Photos courtesy of Lucky Jewel