Ciara Stars in Latest Equinox Campaign

Ciara Stars in Latest Equinox Campaign

Aiming to buck the typical wellness trend of "new year, new you" missives is luxury gym franchise, Equinox. The company, well-known for its sleek, provocative ads launches its ambitious LIFE initiative today. Ciara is one of several all-stars present in the latest Equinox campaign.

Photography: Nick Knight

The corresponding video and imagery, helmed by noted fashion photographer and creative director Nick Knight, is inspired by "the act of living." Like previous Equinox campaigns, LIFE appeals to the senses and emotions of high-performance people. According to a press statement detailing the campaign video (see below), which was choreographed by Tanisha Scott and styled by Sir John, Anna Trevelyan, and Christiaan Houtenbos, LIFE "depicts life's foundational blocks including, spirit, love, energy, light, and water as the formula to a life well-lived." Because as Equinox often reminds us: fitness is not just about working out but it's a lifestyle, and also life itself, and don't you forget it.

Photograhy: Nick Knight

As a semi-related aside, bear with me, I once watched an Instagram video of Ciara sprinting uphill and making it look easy. Because, unless you're among the dying and are therefore unaware of literally all of her music videos, she has a body eligible for World Wonder consideration. If you aspire to such athletic prowess, then this video will surely inspire whatever your 2019 fitness goals are. We are destined for much more than our endless Netflix queues allow.

Lead photo by Lou Jasmine