Happy Holidays to No One Except Christopher John Rogers

Happy Holidays to No One Except Christopher John Rogers

by Kanika Talwar

A Christopher John Rogers look is identifiable from a mile away. Many of the distinct features that make up the recent winner of the CFDA American Womenswear Designer of the Year have continued to make an appearance in his Collection 009.

Inspiration came this season from a myriad of places: his childhood in Louisana, American preppy-ness, Southern propriety, video games and second-hand stores. Rogers has cited paper balls, trash bags, and synthetic carry-out bags as his points of reference when making this collection. Not shocking to those familiar with Rogers’ work is his ability to take the most unlikely of source material and transform it into voluminously elegant silhouettes.

Neon hues of lemon yellow, electric pink and varying greens ranging from chartreuse to emerald are present throughout the entire collection. Hand-drawn polka dots across wardrobe staples, marker scribbles on trench coats and louder-than-life prints appear throughout the 40 looks.

Rainbow stripes of vertical and horizontal proportions have a special place in Rogers’ life. Stripes were one of the few prints the designer felt comfortable wearing growing up. Varying styles of elevated supersized, mini, pieced together and print stripes are seen on various frocks.

With his newest collection, Rogers continues to dedicate his time to perfecting the creation of clothing. Despite the fun and lighthearted nature of his prints and colors, there is no mistaking his reverence for beautifully crafted clothing. Pragmatic details of hidden zippers within his gowns allow for modesty or exhibitionism.

Any other designer might have a hard time balancing the strong impact of prints with his silhouettes. But Rogers has toed the line perfectly — never venturing into the over-the-top or becoming too much. Once again, Rogers proves why he continues to spearhead the future of American fashion.

Just mention his name, and a cult following amongst Rogers’ legion of fashion worshippers and celebrity customers (Adele, Jodie Turner-Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cynthia Nixon) alike will rave about him for hours. They will most definitely be lining up to get their hands on Collection 009, available for pre-order on December 18th.

Photography: César Buitrago