A Pregnant Coco Rocha Had a Chaotic Pool Moment at Christian Siriano

A Pregnant Coco Rocha Had a Chaotic Pool Moment at Christian Siriano

Despite being reduced to four days (or five depending on which calendar you look at), this felt like one of the longest New York Fashion Weeks in recent memory. Many of the short films designers produced were interesting and at times brilliant, but the very nature of their virtual formats this season made it rather easy for digital fatigue to set in.

So it was a delight to see an actual gathering take place at Christian Siriano's fashion show, which was held in the backyard of his Westport, Connecticut home complete with chic port-a-potties, Hendrick's cocktails and "VOTE" masks. Despite some awkward greetings between guests (are elbow bumps the new double air kiss?), the mood was lively and people were genuinely happy to experience some semblance of normalcy again.

The clothes were trademark Siriano: a mix of pomp, glamour and hourglass silhouettes, where models strode across a makeshift bridge over the pool and around the grassy enclave. Virtually every look was paired with a matching couture-like mask, not surprising considering he was one of the first designers in New York to produce face masks at the height of the pandemic.

But it was supermodel and avid TikTok user Coco Rocha's turn at the finale that really resonated with me. Clad in a bright red long-sleeved dress with a skirt that must weigh a ton, she decided to take a dip in the pool, pregnant and all, and casually go for a swim for reasons unbeknownst to anybody. At one point she just lay there floating on her back, and it pretty much encapsulated how we all felt this week.

Of course, it wasn't all giant poofy skirts and infinity trains. Having designed this collection during the height of lockdown, Siriano introduced some softer elements that for bordered on casual, but nonetheless special. "The collection feels romantic with touches of evening, however some of our favorite pieces this season are made of a light heather gray knit for easy living — while remaining chic and elegant," the show notes read. "Even at home, things can inspire us, and I hope this collection shows that fashion remains powerful despite the circumstances."

See the full video below, and catch the Coco Rocha moment around the 19:36 mark.

Photos via Getty/ Mike Coppola