Christian Siriano Has Donated Almost 100,000 Masks

Christian Siriano Has Donated Almost 100,000 Masks

Two months ago, Christian Siriano and his team decided to meet the needs of frontline health care workers as they faced a critical shortage of face masks and personal protective equipment amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Working with the New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, the designer halted all clothing production and focused on mass PPE production. And on Friday, Siriano celebrated a milestone.

"A little Friday mask update," the former Project Runway winner tweeted. "We have now donated almost 100,000 masks which is unbelievable. Thank you everyone for the support and donations. We have donated every single mask which we are so proud of. Thank you @NYGovCuomo for the all that you do."

Reaching almost 100,000 is quite a feat, considering that Siriano's operation isn't being done in a huge warehouse with a lot of manpower. He told Harper's Bazaarback in March, "I am just in a unique scenario where I manufacture everything in New York already, I have a working atelier and everyone's working from home, and my office is a townhouse. We're just able to make them."

Still, the designer and his team's work isn't done. They are currently accepting donations to help pay for the costs of not only of mask production, but also for the safety of their workers and sanitation of their work space. You can contribute what you can through this link.

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