Charli XCX's 'Alone Together' Now Streaming on Hulu

Charli XCX's 'Alone Together' Now Streaming on Hulu

by Anna Montagner

Calling all angels! Our favorite hyperpop hero Charli XCX’s new documentary, Alone Together, is finally out in theaters and on Hulu which means you can take a closer behind-the-scenes look at the singer's most personal project to date.

After the final leg of the Charli Live tour, COVID hit, and with the option for live performances indefinitely on hold XCX decided to think up a new way of connecting with her fans. “I’m going to make a brand-new album during this quarantine period,” she wrote on social media, adding that any who wanted to help, could.

how i’m feeling now is the result of an emotional and creative collaboration between XCX and her fans, as she invites them into her process of lyrics, musical breakdown and album art selection.

With over 39 days of shooting and more than 5,000 video clips which required more than a year of editing, the documentary — directed by Bradley Bell and Pablo Jones-Soler — follows XCX as she navigates the newness of digital-first creativity and confronts her demons during a period of deep isolation: “I’ve got serious issues with the way I handle my work and the way I depend on work to make me feel like I’m a good person,” she tells the camera.

Inspired by XCX's ability to innovate under such mentally challenging conditions, Bell and Jones-Soler, decided to jump on board with the project and say that Alone Together aims to shed light on “the importance of community." “For both Charli and the fans," they continue, "we see the power of togetherness to heal and creatively push boundaries during an incredibly difficult time period.”

Nearly two years since XCX began working on how i'm feeling now, the singer is already onto her next body of work and her fifth studio album, CRASH, is sure to show the songstress in a vastly different state of being. CRASH is slated for release March 18, with a 36-date live tour across North America and Europe just afterwards.

Photo courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment