Charli XCX Talks Quarantine Album in New Doc

Charli XCX Talks Quarantine Album in New Doc

Back in 2020, Charli XCX christened the COVID-19 quarantine with the release of her fourth studio album how i’m feeling now. She recorded the entire LP during quarantine and the world got to see how she documented it in real-time. Now, the singer has created a new documentary, Alone Together, detailing the full scope of creating the album and has shared a trailer for the recently released film.

The trailer goes deep on how Charli existed before and after the quarantine hit. She was hitting her stride, constantly out and about, and realizing the full extent of her pop star power. But once the pandemic hit, she — like most all of us — had to slow down and grapple with some hard feelings. “It’s just you alone with your issues,” she says in the trailer when speaking about lockdown.

Charli also detailed her experiences with anxiety and insecurity, appearing near tears at certain points. “I don’t think I’m pretty enough, I don’t think I’m smart enough, I don’t think I'm interesting enough, without my work," she says. "Without it, I just feel like I’m nothing.”

The rest of the trailer sees Charli overcome some of these demons through the creation of the album, which she reveals is largely inspired by her relationship with her partner and their lockdown problems. We watch her writing songs, practicing and recording. We even get a glimpse at fans dancing with her as she plays the songs for them digitally.

The film acts as a loving send-off to how i’m feeling now since that era is now behind her. Earlier this year, she released the track “Good Ones” and "New Shapes" in preparation for upcoming album, Crash, which you'll have to wait until next march to get your hands on. Stream Alone Together, out now.

Photo via Getty/Jeff Spicer/ BFC