Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Makes Music

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Makes Music

Most know Charles Jeffrey's LOVERBOY brand from the runway over the years. Presenting a colorful, unapologetically queer point of view interwoven with the designer's own Scottish heritage, the London-based label has become a perennial must-see during Fashion Week. Now in its eighth year, LOVERBOY, along with an ever-growing cast of collaborators, is expanding its creative horizons to encompass an even wider range of art — and now music — aimed at augmenting their vision.

Building off of the world they created with their Fall 2022 Art of Noise collection, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is gearing up to release their debut album, Neko. Enlisting the help of a group of musical collaborators including the likes of The Horrors' Tom Furse, multidisciplinary artist Robert Fox, rapper TaliaBle, Raven Bush and Fi Mccluskey, the forthcoming record takes Charles Jeffrey's longstanding love of music and creates a sprawling multi-genre soundscape running from classical to industrial with a collage of synths, entrancing beats and spoken word tying them all together.

Taking inspiration from the work of rebel cellist Arthur Russell, Neko conceptually expands on the dystopian narrative introduced in their Fall 2020 Hell Mend You collection, which features a post-apocalyptic world whose inhabitants are in a constant struggle to reach the mythic floating city of AJUKA. The album's title is the Japanese word for "cat," and it seems to suggest the record will feature a feline motif slinking through its tracklist.

The album's first offering, "Grey Night & Black Hole," sets the tone for a truly wild ride. Featuring a mix of groovy guitars, orchestral strings and a Vincent Price-esque monologue that erupts into a violent burst of death metal drums and distorted gibberish screamo, the single is both alluring and terrifying in the same fell swoop. The track also arrives alongside an equally chaotic yet glam visual in a sort of Elvira meets What We Do in the Shadows meets Disturbed (that also happens to showcase pieces from Loverboy's fall collection).

Check out the official music video for "Grey Night & Black Hole" from Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY's forthcoming debut album, Neko, below.

Photo courtesy of Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY