Please Enjoy These Photos of Channing Tatum in College

Please Enjoy These Photos of Channing Tatum in College

Happy hump day! Generous Twitter user @faiitthh33 has shared photos of her mom and an old college boyfriend who just happens to be Channing Tatum, and the world would be a much better place if we only used social media for this very specific purpose.

The cute pics feature Faith's mom and some other friends goofing around with Tatum, who looks like the sweetest jock ever. She originally posted that the photos dated back to high school, then confirmed they were actually from her mom's college years at Glenville State, where Tatum briefly attended on a football scholarship.

Tatum and Faith's mom sadly didn't make it in the long run. Tatum dropped out of college in the early 2000s, briefly worked as a stripper, then starred in Step Up and transitioned into a Hollywood acting career. Previously married to Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan, he's currently dating Jessie J.

This is not the first time retro photos of a babyfaced Tatum have resurfaced. Back in 2016, another user whose mom used to "hang out" with the actor back in the day posted some very enjoyable party pics featuring him playing Twister.

Moms of America: please continue sharing photos of your famous teen boyfriends with your social media savvy children. We need you.

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