Cash App Is Making Clothes Now

Cash App Is Making Clothes Now

by Dylan Kelly

Hot on the heels of its viral give-away moment with Megan thee Stallion and Cardi B (not to mention all the shoutouts in song lyrics from City Girls and Blueface), Cash App is taking its pop culture status another step further with the debut its first-ever fashion line, dubbed "Cash by Cash App."

The collection is filled with tongue-in-cheek references to all things money — the Eye of Providence from the dollar bill and motifs of broken Greek columns of old-school banks make their way onto hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts, while the "Stacks Sweatshirt" takes an abstract approach to the slang word for lots of cash.

It even goes as far to include an official Cash App FC Jersey and a one-of-a-kind cosmic "sweatdress." As for the accessory offerings, expect to find hats boasting the collection's signature iconography and a green football club scarf to match the brand's sports gear.

Each "Cash by Cash App" drop, which you can check out at, will be available for purchase via a 3D experience, where interested shoppers can see how the clothes look, move, and feel on a digitized avatar.

Photos courtesy of Cash App