Cardi B Outs Herself as a My Chemical Romance Stan
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Cardi B Outs Herself as a My Chemical Romance Stan

Cardi B is no stranger to sharing her hot takes regardless of how random or controversial they might seem. From her assertion that "a hoe never get cold" to her love for her own mustache, Cardi B has never been shy about her wild (and often entirely correct) opinions and her latest may not be her most out there, but is still no exception.

The Bronx rapper took to Twitter announcing her love of iconic 2000s emo band, My Chemical Romance, sharing a clip of their seminal hit “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)" off their 2004 album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. "They don’t make music like this anymore,” Cardi B captioned the post (which is just an objectively true statement of fact).

Thankfully it looks like My Chemical Romance caught wind of the rapper's appreciation post, replying to the tweet with a short yet succinct "Grazie mille Cardi."

Reminding us that the rapper's a true millennial just like the rest of us, the interaction between the two had fans frothing at the possibility of Cardi entering her emo phase or even a potential collab in the future. (But even if that never ends up materializing Dolly Parton has made it abundantly clear that she is ready and more than willing any time.)

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