Celebrate Celibacy With the BYU Virginity Club's New Merch

Celebrate Celibacy With the BYU Virginity Club's New Merch

Are you a God-fearing Christian tired of the temptations of the modern world? Someone who's sick of being surrounding by sins of the flesh? Is the Bible the only thing you want to thump? Well lucky for all you anti-sex activists out there, you now have the ability to wear your beliefs on your literal sleeve — and it's all thanks to the BYU Virginity Club.

In what can only be called a godsend, the good Christians behind the viral "Pious Girl Summer" movement have teamed up with LA cult luxury label, Rose in Good Faith, to create an assortment of shirts, sweaters and an Alligator Jesus virginity buddies locket that canonize those who've kept their coveted V-card and spread the BYU Virginity Club's message of virgin acceptance in an era where sex has superseded morality.

After all, as the BYU Virginity Club (which isn't affiliated with Brigham Young University or the Church Educational System) explained in a statement about the capsule collection, popular culture is "riddled with anti-Virgin memes and rhetoric," with studies showing that "Virgins were being treated differently than their sexually active peers."

"Thus, the Brigham Young Virginity Club made a solemn commitment to reverse the Virginity stigma and put an end to premarital sex," it continued.

As for Rose in Good Faith's participation, founder and CEO David Teitelbaum explained that the brand has been on a journey of self-discovery ever since debuting its viral "Plastic Soul" shoes earlier this summer. Sustainable and stylish, the sneakers are made from unused sex toys, all of which inspired them to create an affordable collection — ranging in price from $45 to $300 — that brings abstinence to the forefront in a super stylish, classy way.

“It’s not just a collab," Teitelbaum continued. "This is a canvas that supports and celebrates, you can live how you desire.”

Check out the entire lookbook modeled by Teitelbaum's father, below. Amen!

Get your own Rose in Good Faith x BYU Virginity Club merch here.

Photography: Ian Buosi and Anuar Aly (Courtesy of Rose in Good Faith)