The Army Will Do Anything for BTS, Even Join TikTok

The Army Will Do Anything for BTS, Even Join TikTok

BTS are back from vacation and back online: extremely back online. Their management company Big Hit announced earlier today that the band's TikTok account was officially open for business.

The frenzy BTS is capable of creating on social media is honestly frightening: just look at what the Army has done to Twitter. As of now, TikTok is more of a platform for content creators than musicians, though folks like Lizzo and Lil Nas X have seen the app send their songs to No. 1. Their presence will mean more BTS content of all kinds on the app: both created by them, and their fans.

So far, they've posted a cute intro, and a clip of a couple of the guys performing hand choreography to their Halsey-assisted hit "Boy With Luv."

As TikTok has gained steam cultural steam, we've all faced a difficult choice. Do we download TikTok and try to stay relevant? Or do we we stay strong, and refuse to add another black hole of content to our phones. BTS just made that choice for the Army, which is apparently made up of TikTok skeptics. Their account already gained 1.5 million followers in a few hours, and many of those are probably new users.

​The gang is already plotting how to make BTS the next big thing.

Soon the Army will have E-boys and VSCO girls doing their bidding, spreading BTS dance challenges and hashtags across the app.

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