The BTS x Halsey Video Is Here

The BTS x Halsey Video Is Here

Happy BTS week! The K-pop icons dropped their seven-track new album Map of the Soul: Persona, today which includes a surprise Ed Sheeran feature (he wrote "Make It Right") — as well as the full version of their extremely anticipated Halsey collab "Boy With Luv." Their week of glory commences on Saturday night, when they'll perform "Boy With Luv" for their SNL debut, with Emma Stone (who stans) hosting.

The band has also finally shared the visual for "Boy With Luv," which is cotton candy in music video form. It's fluffy, sugary and extremely pink: replete with every shade of the color from flamingo to magenta, fun choreography (karate kicks, the Fortnite move, I think?) and fabulous 'fits, as always (matching pink robes, feathery white silk suits, shout out to a blue-haired V's huge floral ring). There's also a confusing but endearing storyline that follows the boys and Halsey teaming up to save a struggling local theater, taking a dumpy hall and turning it into a Times Square-worthy venue full of screaming fans.

Halsey, pink-haired like Jimin for the occasion, begins the journey as a bored ticket-booth attendant while the band gyrates, each in a different shade of pink outside the theatre. The seven band-members prance through the theatre, their outfits chameleon-ing as they go from room to room and outside into a cartoonish green-screened dreamscape of candy clouds. Halsey and BTS eventually unite on a sofa for a round of the soon-to-be ubiquitous chorus "oh my my my!" like the cast of Friends. Don't worry, Halsey joins the guys for a group dance number.

Halsey and BTS are an undeniably infectious combo: the video already has 43 million views on YouTube and climbing (possible they'll break the record their peers BLACKPINK set last week for for the biggest music video debut?). According to Halsey, the video was as fun to make as it looks.

Check out Map of the Soul: Persona below, and tune in on Saturday to see what iconic looks and choreography the guys have dreamt up for their landmark performance.

Photo via Instagram