Brooke Candy Gets Tied in Shibari for 'Happy'

Brooke Candy Gets Tied in Shibari for 'Happy'

Don't let the title of Brooke Candy's newest single, "Happy," fool you — the conceptual Freaky Princess is going through it. Dropping today the lead single and accompanying video from her upcoming debut album, SEXORCISM, the genre-bending artist is tackling her demons and getting cozy with the dark side of living.

Smoldering and cinched in the stunning new video directed by fashion photographer, Rankin, Candy takes you through the motions of battling mental health and finding that there's pleasure in the pain. She sings, "Smile so white that my eyes roll back/ My heart bleeds out and my bones all crack." It's not all bad, though. The track's opening line is, "Looking in the mirror I'm like, Bitch you look great." But struggling against the natural self-doubt she experiences is remedied on the hook: "Bitch you are happy."

The track's heavy basslines, strong beats, and distorted vocals support confident lyrics that lay everything out in a relatable way. Candy pays visual homage to major influences on her art, referencing some NSFW Shibari bondage to ultimately capture raw, emotional sexuality — something she's done throughout her career.

The song's mantric quality bodes well for the singer's mission of finding solace in overcoming all the negative thoughts — also relatable. Get into Brooke Candy's surreal new music video, below, and revisit her 2014 PAPER cover here.

Photo courtesy of Brooke Candy