Brooke Candy and Erika Jayne Cosplay as Cunnilingus-Positive Cats

Brooke Candy and Erika Jayne Cosplay as Cunnilingus-Positive Cats

In their new video, Brooke Candy and Erika Jayne dare you to laugh as they push around human-sized yarn balls, lick their "paws" and chase actual live cats around in pleasers and full-body leather. No really: they want you to laugh. They're having a great time and so should you. This is camp!

"Drip," the yield of the outrageous and perfect collaboration between sex positive pop warrior, and the Real Housewife-turned-bop star, is out today, along with an outrageous and perfect video.

The slick pussy power anthem is one for the books — file next to "My Neck, My Back," "How Many Licks," and... dare I say it, "Cattitude"? It's overflowing with one-liners like "Big mac pussy and an ass soufflé," "Pussy performs/ pussy need an Oscar," and "Call the police/ this pussy's illegal/ pussy on a watch list, CIA," which Brooke delivers in her signature scratchy slur, while skipping joyfully through a field of streamers.

On the second verse, we hear Brooke drawl this one "Pussy plush/ teddy bear soft/ pussy kush, roll it up raw/ Post Malone/ pussy a rock star," while squished into a bird cage, which Erika sits atop of lazily flicking a cat toy. That leads into Erika's favorite part, by the way: "My favorite part of the video is me in the leopard costume siting atop the bird cage while Brooke is in a back bend crawling out!"

Brooke and Erika make a dynamic duo, as we learned when they debuted the song live at V Files' NYFW show this weekend. Both are known for not giving a fuck in their respective fields, and their no-fucks energy is particularly apparent on the deranged part of the chorus, when Erika coos "Brookey, drippy, drippy, drippy drippin'/ Uh, gonna sippy sippy sippy sippin.'"

"Working with Erika Jayne was full fantasy," Brooke tells PAPER. "She is so professional, so much fun, and such a force to be reckoned with. I love how she doesn't take herself to seriously and just wants to have fun and create art that makes you smile. I hope this song and video makes everyone smile as much as it made us smile while we were making it on set."

Pussy posturing is no rarity in pop these days. But Brooke and Erika's infectiously silly performance is a joy from start to finish. The video is kiddie stuff for Brooke, who recently wrote and directed a film for Pornhub, but still, she remains committed to keeping it bothsexy and freaky. The video embraces the cheap and gross in a way that gives the track an edge: letting you know they're having fun, but Brooke and Erika also want to make us squirm, just a little bit.

Brooke opens the video by peeling back the metal lid on a can of oily wet cat food, and ends it by pouring milk all over her leather-clad tits, the camera detailing as the milk evocatively soaks the polyester pink shag caret she's perched on on. It's an element of the video that leaves you certain that Brooke and Erika, even, maybe especially while splayed in matching splits in head-to-to cheetah print, or getting tangled up like horny stripper-cats in yarn, are the ones having the last laugh.

"Drip" is playful complement to her 2018 collab with Pussy Riot, MNDR and Mykki Blanco "My Sex" — a vicious war cry of queer sexual agency. More directly it follows up the whispery, ASMR gift of "XXXTC" ft. Mallibu Miitch and Charli XCX, as the second single off her debut album SEXORCISM, which is out this fall.

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