'Royalty Core' Is TikTok's Latest Trend

'Royalty Core' Is TikTok's Latest Trend

It's no secret that one of the best things about Netflix's Bridgerton is its wardrobe. Though Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke may be the stars of the show, the elaborately designed Regency-era costumes, delicate fabrics and elegant silhouettes are definitely scene-stealers. And now people all over TikTok have been inspired by modiste Madame Delacroix's creations.

"Regencycore," and more generally "Royalty core," have recently been popping up everywhere on TikTok, with users posting videos showing how they've recreated looks donned by royalty from the 1800s. People are showing off their best outfits with Empire waist dresses, a lot of lacy corsets and gloves, embellished headpieces, brocade vests, well-tailored blazers, and billowy shirts.

"Bridgerton blue" has also become a popular color, thanks to Daphne Bridgerton's iconic pastel blue outfits on the show.

And while some creators are here for recreating the grand ball gowns, a lot of people are also doing modern takes on Regency and Victorian-era fashion. They're putting together outfits that take a cue from the general aesthetic while using more casual items embroidered cardigans, pearl headbands, structured blazers, vests and trousers for looks that would fit right into 2021.

TheBridgerton effect is very real. But it isn't the only thing that brought on this surge of "royalty core." The rise of cottagecore, the lingerie as outerwear trend, the popularity of that Lirika Matoshi strawberry dress and puffed sleeves, the prominence of Instagram-worthy pearl accessories, as well as looks from some brands' Spring 2021 collections, were already setting the stage for this trend to become a big thing.


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TikTok is also already working on Bridgerton: The Musical, with three full songs so far from musician Abigail Barlow. Read about it here.

Photo courtesy of Netflix