Breland Continues Country Music's TikTok Reign with 'My Truck'

Breland Continues Country Music's TikTok Reign with 'My Truck'

If you're thinking about touching country music's newest millennial superstar Breland's truck: don't.

TikTok has given us so many gifts over the past couple years — memes, dance moves, challenges — but none have been as revolutionary as its ability to boost rising stars into the forefront of pop culture. Atlanta artist Breland is one of the newest to get clout straight off the platform, having little presence on the app besides his track, "My Truck," but that's all he really needed to get his career revved up.

"My Truck" is reviving the digital Yeehaw revolution for Gen Z-ers everywhere. From fast dirt bikes and four-wheelers to monster-sized vehicles, users are breaking out their biggest and baddest machines to make videos to Breland's bass-boosted southern hit. The song is a testament to one's love for the classic vehicle, laden with clever dialogue and a whole list of things one can do to their enemy (see: "scuff these Jordan's," "smoke my blunt") besides touch their truck. The worst offense on Yeehaw TikTok.

Breland also finally premiered an official music video today for the song — which is climbing up in video stream numbers on TikTok — complete with a wide variety of eccentric and fiery (you guessed it) trucks. From breaking it down on a giant flatbed to rapping in front of a pile of flaming tires, Breland is clearly not fooling around when it comes to his zero tolerance policy on Dodge-disturbance.

Watch the full video, below, and please, TikTok, gift us with an accompanying dance challenge.

Image via TikTok