Billie Eilish Is Already the Celebrity Halloween Costume of 2019

Billie Eilish Is Already the Celebrity Halloween Costume of 2019

Halloween party season begins tonight, which seems rather sudden. Chances are that you forgot to order a slutty Handmaid's Tale robe from Yandy ahead of time, but fear not! Jameela Jamil showed up at a Spotify event last night wearing what will probably be the defining last minute zeitgeist-y costume of 2019: Billie Eilish. We should all steal her idea.

An Eilish costume is ideal because it can be easily constructed from the "unworn trendy impulse purchase" section of one's wardrobe — chunky sneakers, tiny glasses, an oversized hoodie, and you're good. Some Manic Panic wouldn't go astray, but a beanie or bucket hat will do in a pinch. Jamil honestly didn't try that hard, but her temporary spider face tattoo is a cute reference to Eilish's "you should see me in a crown" video.

On Twitter, the actress shared that she was actually dressed as Billie and Finneas's weird third sibling "Silly Eilish," which is very her. Eilish is yet to respond, but maybe she'll attend an upcoming spooky season event dressed as Tahani from The Good Place? Just kidding, Eilish is 17 years old and has therefore never watched a network TV show in her life.

If you're bored of the Billie hype, there are plenty of other easy, internet-inspired costumes that can be scraped together at the last minute. For Caroline Calloway, assemble a Goyard bag, some orchids from Trader Joe's (has to be Trader Joe's), and a pair of ill-fitting Paloma Wool pants. I know you have some! A tacky blonde wig and thrift store wedding dress can create a convincing Tana Mongeau, especially if you got your fillers touched up recently. For Rihanna or Kanye West, do what you will to convey the concept of "unfinished album." Happy partying!

Photo via Twitter