Bella Hadid Had a Quarantine Photoshoot for 'Vogue'

Bella Hadid Had a Quarantine Photoshoot for 'Vogue'

With Ms. Rona still out and about, a lot of us working for "non-essential businesses" are still working from home. That includes models, photographers, and people in the magazine industry. Supermodel Bella Hadid may not be able to meet photographers for in-person shoots, but she and her collaborators were able to make it work.

Bella posted new professionally produced work for Vogue Italia on Saturday. And all the gag-worthy photos were taken through FaceTime.

"Times are changing and working from home has a new meaning," she wrote on Instagram. "New work for @vogueitalia shot and styled through FaceTime by my Quaranqueens @briannalcapozzi @haleywollens PRODUCTION/lighting by @Laurenperez Much love . feeling lucky to work."

Photography isn't something you would think could work during these times, especially since it typically involves a lot of physical interaction. But photographers have figured out a way to express their creativity. Though not as high in technical photo quality, the artistry is very much present. Pros like Condé Nast-represented Italian photographer Alessio Albi have been producing beautiful work since March.

"Social distancing doesn't mean stopping creating. We are lucky to live in an era that offers all the resources needed. Stay in. We're in this together," Albi wrote on his first quarantine photography post. He wrote in another, "I really think that this will stay with us and be a game changer for people that are unable to move, i.e. for social or medical reasons. Let's keep on creating, without boundaries."

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