Bella Hadid Is Holding a Limited Edition Auction for Charity

Bella Hadid Is Holding a Limited Edition Auction for Charity

Bella Hadid announced on Thursday that she's got a special quarantine project dropping soon.

The 23-year-old model is going to be auctioning off limited edition fashion pieces she's created with brand Chrome Hearts. And all of the proceeds are going to be donated to Feeding America food banks, Colin Kaepernick's legal defense fund for protesters, Know Your Rights, and other organizations that are supporting the Black community.

"My family at @chromeheartsofficial and I are promising that 100% of proceeds are going to @yourrightscamp , @feedingamerica and a few smaller organizations (that I will name at a later time) all actively raising up and supporting the Black community each in different and special ways to further the liberation of Black people worldwide," she wrote on Instagram.

Hadid continued, "Making these pieces meant and means so much to me and I'm grateful to @laurielynnstark @richardstarkchromehearts and @mattyboy90 for allowing me to send the profits to where they are most needed i hope you enjoy & love it all as much I enjoyed making it for you . can't wait to show you"

In her post, teased followers for what's to come, giving a peep at the photoshoot she's done with Chrome Hearts. In the selfies, she's wearing an embroidered white robe with the brand's logo, and what looks like chained car dice in another photo.

No further details regarding the date and time of the event, or even about what items she's auctioning off, have been revealed just yet. But in her previous Chrome Hearts X Bella collection, she dropped some tees, sunglasses, purses, and other accessories.

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